Hey Y'all!

I'm Kristen Downing! I am so very blessed to be living my dream and building the exact life I desire! Let me tell you a little bit about myself....

I'm a rare Charlotte native! I grew up going to the Coliseum off of Tyvola, shopping at Hechts in Pineville and eating at Arrowood Diner. (None of those exist anymore)

I spend my days studying social media trends, taking photos any chance I get, empowering other women, and loving my boys (including my husband).
When I'm not pursuing my love of writing, you'll find me working as a Social Media Consultant.  I started blogging to keep my family up to date with my son (who's now 12!) and then my love for writing took over.  I will always keep it real, share my heart and nothing less.  

Fun facts about me!
*Coffee makes me happy. Lorelei Gilmore is my spirit animal
*I love Jesus. His love and grace are why I'm here.
*I'm a photographer. I have close to 14,000 photos on my phone. I believe strongly in preserving memories!
*I'm a die hard Patriots and Boston Red Sox fan.
*I have two boys, 12 years old and 22 months old.  I often refer to my boys and that also includes my husband.
*I eat out more than I need to but it's always a reason to catch up with a friend!
*Retirement plan (MANY years from now) is to own a sweet RV and travel with my grandkids any chance I get!
*I have an obsession with true crime. It causes half of my nightmares but still obsessed.
*I'm an extrovert with occasional introvert tendencies.
*My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. So hang out with me and tell me I'm awesome.
*I'm a city girl at heart that lives in the middle of nowhere.
*If I could marry one fictional character, it would be Tony Stark. Seriously, Iron Man 
Past/Current Brand Relationships: