Share more love and less judgement


Okay. Listen up.
I’m sitting here scrolling social media, like I do.
Hello, that’s my business!
And I’m triggered by all the hate/opinions/offenses/etc.
There’s moms shaming eachother over vaccinations.
There’s hate towards political affiliations.
There’s opinions on how people spend their money, time, and freedom.
There’s opinions on who can marry who.
There’s opinions on how people should raise their children.
There’s so many opinions over why Ariel can't be anything but a white girl with red hair.
Y’all let that go.
I just pray for perspective.
See it from someone else’s point of view. And if you aren’t currently living it, your opinion isn’t needed.
You don’t have to invite yourself to share your opinion all the time.
We owe it to the real issues that need attention and not the petty issues that serve no one here on a computer screen.
Share love y’all.
Encourage someone.
Highlight someone’s strengths.
Talk about what you’re grateful for.
Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Book a trip to visit family.
Because at the end of the day, no matter how bad things seem we woke up today.
We get another chance to make a real impact and love people.