2019 so far update {Personal}

Hey y'all!  It's been a minute since I've posted and I have many reasons why. Family, work, sickness, all of the above. The biggest has been I really want to make sure I'm posting what you want to read!

I've been over on Instagram and if you ever want to see how or what me and my family are doing please hop over there and check out our ridiculous stories or transparent posts!


What's new?

Well, my word of the year is FOCUS. So that's been a challenge I've felt God put on my heart for good reason. And as always, it's not in the way I thought when the word first came to me. I'm really becoming more laser focus on life and purpose and finding ways to say no. I've been better at saying no to things I know I can't do or that weren't good for me but the things I love to do have been harder to say no to. But y'all know, I'm not superwoman and I can't do all of the things. My husband said it best just the other day, "there's nothing wrong with just focusing on being a stay at home right now." And I don't know why it took him saying that for me to really find the value in it. It also made me realize how I never found peace in that calling on it's own. I felt that I didn't have value in myself unless I was contributing financially to my family. So here's to a year of focus, and y'all get to join the ride on social media! 


Back in October I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, another thing I've shared everywhere but here. I'm gonna get better at that, promise!  At the end of February I went in to have my 3 month labs and it was a really great visit. I have really taken this low carb life to heart and have made a lot of changes in my diet so it was good to see it pay off. My levels on every account were much lower and took me out of the Diabetic and Pre Diabetic range all together. According to my blood work I'm NORMAL. I've also dropped 42 lbs in the last year and that in itself is just crazy. A lot of you have followed me on that journey via Instagram and have messaged me that you want me to share recipes and meal plans and I plan on getting that together soon!  I've learned so much the past 6 months, that's for sure and I don't plan on stopping! It was never about weightloss, it was always about health. I'm 34 and that's too young to have a scary diagnosis over my head that I have the blessing to be able to control and just not control it. That's just stupid and lazy and I won't go out like that, lol!


And then last but not least our baby turned 13 years old. THIRTEEN, y'all!  I started this blog somewhere like 10 years ago as a fun place for my family to come and see updates of our little play doh loving 3 year old and now he has a deep voice and a mustache. It's a season that I'll write a book about someday, but right now I'm just trying to navigate through one day at a time.


But that's my 2019, so far in a nutshell. And please, come visit me on FB and IG daily updates. I overshare, over-emotion, and over all the other things but y'all seem to love it and I love you for it! Be sure to tell me how to follow you below so we can be virtual buddies all the time!

I hope you're having an awesome year so far, and if not, it's just getting started so let's rock the next 9 months together!