If/Then on tour in Charlotte this week! {Review}

Haven't we all sat and wondered about our choices in life, what if we had done this instead of that, what would have changed?  If/Then tour explores a rarely seen split narrative with the main character Elizabeth to show just that.  If I'm being honest, it took me half of the first half to realize there was a split narrative.  I was a bit confused about her getting a job in one scene and then the job going to someone else in the next.  Once I finally caught on to the split narrative I was hooked.  The main character Elizabeth asks the very question, "what if?" and from there we see her life split into Liz "the fun and free spirit" and Beth "serious career first/love second".  Each side shows it's perks and how one choice really can make all the difference.


I was a little bummed to find out Idina Menzel wouldn't be a part of the cast touring in Charlotte, but was more than pleasantly surprised with Jackie Burns performance.  Her incredible chops in every musical number and tenderness in every scene has you falling in love with Elizabeth's character.   I can't forget to add that Anthony Rapp as Lucas and Tamyra Gray as Kate were equally as stunning. 

I've never been emotionally pulled into a show like I was with If/Then.  I felt myself tearing up during, "Hey, Kid."  A number about the emotions you feel once your child is born and all these thoughts overwhelm you about who they'll grow up to be and if you're ready to be a parent.  Maybe it's because it was my first night out of the house since we had our baby boy six weeks ago, emotions were running a little high!  And then again during "I hate you", you are drawn into Liz's character and empathize with her heart breaking as her husband leaves for deployment.

The show is playing in Charlotte at Belk Theatre until July 24th, if you haven't bought tickets be sure to grab them HERE.  It is 2 hrs and 40 minutes long with intermission.  This is a great show for a date night, or a night out with the girls, because of language and adult content this is not one for the kids.