Double Digits! Our boy is TEN! {Personal}

Wow, 10 years old.  We've reached the double digits!  Just 8 more before you start choosing which college you will attend

This year's favorites:

Food: Terriyaki Chicken and Broccoli & Cheese (what mommy makes)
Sport: Basketball (same)
TV Show(s): Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead and Shark Tank
Best Friend(s):  Kade, Kenon, Sam, Riley, Eli and Ian
Teacher: Miss Seamster (hasn't changed since 1st grade)
Song: Resurrecting- Elevation Worship
Singer: Mack Brock
Book(s): Ungifted 
Toy(s): BB Gun, Tablet, Stikbots and Nintendo 3DS
Movie(s):  Little Shop of Horrors, Zootopia and I am Sam 
When he grows up he wants to be: "Animator, I'll make a lot of money doing something I love to do.  Me and my brother will work together: A Downing Production"

As I went through pictures over the last year I realized how many great memories were made.

This year you:
  • probably read close to 100 books, no joke.  
  • volunteered your time to help others (we love your generous heart)
  • became a big brother.  He will be here in June and is a lucky boy to have you to look up to.
  • visited: Raleigh, North Myrtle Beach, Tampa, Wilmington, Orlando, Disney World and LegoLand for the very first time!
  • played Basketball
  • fell in love with musical theater, you saw: Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Matilda and Wicked.  You fell in love with Wicked and make us listen and sing to the soundtrack often!
  • lost: Daisy {our 10 year old German Shepherd}
  • played Minecraft, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Disney Infinity (not much has changed)
  • fell in love with animation and have created many stop motion videos 
My letter to 10 year old you:

You never look at something as it is, you have the ability to look at an object and a person and are able to see its fullest potential. You look at life with such enthusiasm, you always find fun everywhere you go. You are bold and fearless, you could care less what others are doing and you make your own path. I pray that confidence never leaves you. You are empathetic towards everyone and have been caught sitting with kids in silent lunch just so they didn't have to sit alone. Your mind blows us away, the things you think up or say are so intelligent and well thought out. You love Jesus so deeply and want everyone to know who He is. You are mommy's fiercest defender and always lend me a helping hand, most times without me even having to ask. We never want one day to go by where you don't feel loved or special. Especially your birthday. You are such an amazing kid, we'd love to take the credit but we know you're a gift only God could create. We love you, your family loves you, and most importantly God loves you. You are always more than enough all on your own and don't you forget that! Happy 10th Birthday, Jay!