Care Bears & Cousins Season 2 Premieres on Netflix February 5th!

The whole huggable gang is back, bringing tales of caring and sharing to whole new generation! And the Care Bear cousins are here to join the fun!  My all time favorite as a kid was the Care Bears!  I remember doing the Care Bear countdown and the Care Bear stare.  I love that I get to relive it through my kids and that they've added Cousins to the mix! 

Another fun experience that can get you excited for the premier is to take your little ones to Build A Bear workshop to make their very own Care Bear! 

How cute are they?  I, for one, would love a Tenderheart bear!  We are so excited to start the new season.  Be sure to check them out on Netflix February 5th!

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I wrote this post out of pure excitement and because I am a #ShareYourCare Ambassador