Paula Deen Live, y'all! #pauladeennetwork

Paula Deen came to Charlotte, y’all!  I was so excited when her people reached out to me with fantastic tickets to see this wonderful show and to meet Paula! What an fun evening!

Some of my favorite memories with my Nana when I was a little girl was sitting around watching cooking shows with her, and still to this day when I watch one I like to think she's right here with me.  One of my favorites to watch was always Paula Deen, I proudly own a full set of her cookware!

If you've ever been like me and watched her show and just wanted to hang out in her kitchen the Live Show is the place to be.  You are a part of the experience and some ticket holders were able to taste test some of her recipes, just no double dipping y'all!  Paula Deen is such a character on television and always creates the best recipes and I was really looking forward to seeing what she would be like in person.  I was not disappointed.  She was so fun and inviting, I felt like I was in her home and would be welcome anytime! She also had special guests including her husband and sons and Lee Greenwood!  He came on stage to announce his affiliation with Helping a Hero, which is an organization that helps build specially adapted homes for our severely wounded heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan that enables them to transition into the community.  He also sang, "God Bless the USA" which I later confessed to Lee himself, that I sang that at my Kindergarten graduation.

I was excited to hear what she had been up to and I was not let down at all, she's launched a NETWORK!  This is something so fun, so innovative and exciting!  You can access any archived episodes, bloopers, any of your favorite recipes, fun games and they mentioned you will be able to cook with Paula in an interactive way!  What?!  How cool is that?!  I've already signed up for my free trial and I will be subscribing.  This past weekend she even offered a free signed copy of her cookbook with any new subscribers (10/10-10/12).

As an added bonus I was invited to an after party with yummy treats and champagne to celebrate the launch of her new network, it went live that night!  I was able to meet some of her team and Lee Greenwood.  To our surprise Paula and her family joined us!  She was such a doll and took time to meet and take selfies with all of her guests!  She was so excited and really humbled by all the support from her fans.

Her family was just as sweet I even spoke with her husband and asked him his best marriage advice and he said he only had advice for the husbands out there, "keep your mouths shut and your wallets open and that's the secret to a happy marriage" HA!  Love it!

It was a great night and made me think of my Nana and made me want to go home and start cooking.  I'm so excited to play around on her new site and get some yummy holiday recipes done!  I hope you'll take a chance to check it out and maybe even subscribe.  Paula Deen is back, y'all!


  1. Paula Deen gets some flack for some of her food choices, but overall, she makes good food and I LOVE her recipes. We all need to obviously make our own decisions and have balance in our food choices.

  2. I love Paula Deen. So awesome that you got to meet her. I love her recipes. I will check out her new website. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad you had a great time! I'm not a big Paula fan (not because of any controversy but b/c she annoys me, lol) but I do have one of her cookbooks and enjoy her food.

  4. I'm so glad to see Paula Dean back her food was so delicious.


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