Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas!

My son stays clear of food dyes, so finding a candy he can have is already a battle.  So when it comes to making him an Easter basket we try to get a little more creative and think outside of the yellow peep box!

1. The true story of Easter is a book we read every single year, so starting that tradition is always something I suggest.  The First Easter is a great one, it's geared towards the 5 and up crowd but there are plenty of ones out there for toddlers too!

2.  I also love fun and interactive books!   Usborne has quite a few but for the younger crowd they love this Easter sticker book!  And under $7, great deal!

3. Movies!  My son loves Veggietales and we love getting him a new one on DVD for his Easter basket every year!

4. A new toothbrush.  Stay with me here, I know you're thinking, what kid is going to want a toothbrush.  Umm, last I checked the EB is besties with the Tooth Fairy, so after eating any sweets that day they will want them to brush their sugar bugs away!

5.  You can't go wrong with a stuffed animal.  How about an adorable Peter Rabbit?

Other great basket fillers, or even plastic egg fillers:

*money (we get gold dollars from the post office and he loves getting gold coins from the EB!)
*hot wheels
*nail polish
*sidewalk chalk
*silly string
*video games
*doll clothes
*temporary tattoos
*personalized items

Find a local Egg Hunt, have fun with family and enjoy your Easter!  If you have any candy free ideas we would love to hear them! 


  1. i like the books and stuff....but i admit - i'm a candy girl...... :D

  2. I hardly put candy in the boys baskets. I do DVD, shirts, and at supplies

  3. Awesome Ideas! We usually always try and throw a movie, and maybe his favorite character tshirt in there.

  4. Those are great ideas. I also always try to go candy free.

    Michelle F.

  5. Great Idea Saves The Teeth!!

  6. I try to not put more than 1 or 2 pieces of candy in the kids' Easter baskets. I know my family is going to bury them in candy :/ Mine usually get a DVD each, some dollar spot stuff from Target and some little something they've been asking for.

  7. I like to do bubbles and stickers in easter baskets!


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