Built to Amaze! {Circus Review}

We had the chance to attend the Circus last night. We had received snow the day prior and braved the icy roads to make it to the Greatest Show on Earth! We brought Grandpa as a guest and even he had a blast. I used to sit in awe and watch the circus as a little girl with my dad right beside me and now we get to watch it together with Jayden! I love that the tradition has come full circle.

Just like the previous year, we were able to attend the pre show, which is open to any ticket holders an hour before the show. At the pre show you get to walk around the floor, meet the performers, try on fun costumes and more fun entertainment for the kiddos. If you haven't gone to the circus yet, be sure to arrive an hour early for the pre show!   My best advice is get to the arena early so you can be one of the first families on the floor, we were and we were able to meet everyone. 

There were acrobats, elephants, clowns, and plenty of fun music!  The show was awesome and we all agreed the doggies were our favorite, since we have 5 of our own ;).  We did miss the motorcycle cage, but the tigers were just as entertaining. 

If you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, please do!  This is a fun evening for the whole family!

I received complimentary tickets from Feld Entertainment for my family to attend this event. Any opinions expressed are mine and my families, but we're sure you'll agree.


  1. We have wanted to take the kids to the Circus, but have been afraid that Doutzen (2 years old) would be afraid. Thanks for your review. I think we would probably be ok, dont you think?

  2. We would love to go to the circus, I too have been afraid because my two year old may get scared or worse bored and go running down to the stage. You make it sound like such a blast.


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