Henry's Adventures {Elf on the shelf}

Our son started the Elf on the Shelf tradition a little late, he was 6 years old.  He named him Henry and Henry was a very mischievous little elf.  The first year I went over the top and had something fun and exciting for Henry to do  every night.  This year we waited until after Thanksgiving to start and we had to dig deep for ideas, since we had used most of the good ones already.

Below are a few of the escapades that Henry got into and we hope that these will give you a few extra ideas to add to your Elf on the Shelf list.  When all else fails, look around you and get creative or get on Pinterest and borrow ideas!

Henry brought Jayden The Sparkle Box book

Henry TP'd our tree, that one got a ton of laughs from the boy.

Henry felt inspired to be a photographer like mommy.

Rainbow Loom was the rage this season so he made him a bracelet in Christmas colors!

The night before Kermit put Henry in a tupperware, so of course he retaliated with tying him up and holding over a ledge.  No, he didn't "hang" him.

Sometimes Santa needs a little translation.

We can't get through the season without incorporating Disney somehow.  He's flying Dusty from Planes.

Lacking creativity, a simple countdown.

Henry left "candy cane seeds" for him to plant and grow his own candy canes.  He loved this!

On our first day with Henry he left a Christmas breakfast with tons of fun goodies!

Like powdered donuts to build snowmen with!

Fun stuff!  Only Henry lets him have sugar for breakfast!

Have any cute ideas you want to share?!  We would love to hear them!  Let's inspire each other!