Day Trip to Wilmington! {Travel Review}

We went to Cherry Grove Beach for the weekend and Sunday as we were checking out I realized Wilmington was only an hour away.  I was able to talk The Playful Dad into going so we were off on a day trip before heading back home that evening.

I have a DEEP love for Wilmington and have for many years and often say once the kiddos are grown and out of the house we will move there.  So many of my favorite movies and TV shows have been filmed there so there's so many places to visit that are right out of the scenes!  Not to mention just the beauty of Wilmington.  Ugh, just writing this post makes me want to go back right now! 

We started off with lunch in Wrightsville Beach at Dockside.  This was formally The IceHouse in Dawson's Creek. This restaurant is so cute, it's right on the water so you have the perfect view at lunch.  We sat upstairs and were able to see boats come and go, people paddleboarding, and just a great view of the water.  We started our meal with Spanky's Blue Crab dip, um yum!!!  I literally fought for the last of that yummy dip.  Then for lunch I had the crab cakes, I really haven't had that fresh of seafood in a long time.  It was so yummy.  So if you're in the area, check it out because of it's Dawsons Creek background but also because of how great their food is!

After lunch we headed to Wilmington and we met up with our tour guide for our Hollywood Location Walk.  You can get more information about the tour and rates HERE.  We decided to go on a tour that showed all of the fun sites from our favorite shows and movies.  Some of the popular movies and TV shows filmed in Wilmington are Dawsons Creek, One Tree Hill, Iron Man 3, Revolution, The Crow, A Walk to Remember and Jays favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This spot was Clothes over Bros and Karens Cafe in One Tree Hill

This is the original sign from the high school in Dawsons Creek

We're big One Tree Hill fans.  This is where Haley and Nathan sat and he gave her the bracelet from the cracker jack box.  So romantic!

At the end of the tour and all the walking the boy got a HUGE ice cream from Kilwin's!

We had such a wonderful day!  Wilmington is great for families!  

We saw many great sites, more than I was able to take pictures of but let me tell you Wilmington is more than just a place where things have been filmed.  It's made for families, it still has a small town feel and there's just magic and love floating around there.  Sigh, I love Wilmington! 


  1. This is so awesome! I cannot believe I missed the fact that Dockside was featured on Dawson's Creek! Thanks for the inspiration...SO going this summer! :)

    1. Enjoy! I hope to go back sometime this summer as well!

  2. WE LOVE Wilmington! This is always where we vacation at the beach in the summer and we spent some of honeymoon doing all the OTH tour stuff! ;) Fun!

    1. How fun! Glad to see I'm not the only OTH fan out there! Love me some Naley!!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great day.

    Michelle F.

  4. and a good time was had by all!! :D


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