No nonsense chore system

Let's face it, one of the perks of having a kid is someday knowing they can help out around the house.  Yes, we love them, yes they are amazing blessings, but they also make wonderful little helpers!  This is a great way to teach them responsibility and eventually teach them how to handle money.  We have been doing small chores since he was 3 years old.  Now he's 7 and with sports and school out of the way we decided to make an easy chore chart for him to follow this summer. 

I don't do anything without doing tons of research and this was not any different.  After seeing many chore charts online I came across one that I loved from a fellow blogger I stalk follow.  Her name is Ursula and I love her blog Home Made by Carmona.  She has so many great ways to organize your home and just ways to create a better family life.  I came across her awesome chore system and with a little revamping I was able to create something we could use for the boy this summer. 

Here's how ours came out:

It's so easy to customize your own!  We won't be able to follow this schedule everyday, but my son thrives on structure.  He always needs to know whats going to happen next, and this cuts out the guess work. I hope this helps some mom out there, like it did me!  If you'd like a more detailed play by play of our schedule just shoot me an email: