He's 1/3 legal!

My baby is officially 7 years old, oh man, 7.  I still can't believe this big kid is my baby!

Height: 4 ft 0 in.
Weight: 45 lbs
BMI: 13.8 {9th percentile}


Food:  Steak
Sport:  Basketball
TV Show(s):  Once Upon a Time, Glee and Wild Kratts
Grown Up(s):  Mommy and Daddy
Best Friend(s):  Ryan, Samuel and Owen
Teacher:  Miss Seamster
Song:  "We are never getting back together"- Taylor Swift
Singer:  Luke Bryan
Book(s): "There's a Nightmare in my closet" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"
Toy(s): Fire Breathing Toothless and Imaginext Dinosaurs
Movie(s):  How to Train Your Dragon, Mary Poppins, The Little Shop of Horrors and The Amazing Spiderman
When he grows up he wants to be:  Spiderman

He's grown so much over the past year.  He loves to read.  Anytime it's quiet in the house I know where to find him, curled up reading his latest book.  He has a huge heart, at his recent birthday party he took donations for a local dog rescue.  He's loyal to a fault and will stand up for his friends no matter what.  He loves animals, no matter where we are if he spots a person walking a dog you better believe he's going to ask to pet it and he will talk to it in the cutest baby voice and let it lick his face.  He's extremely opinionated and will fight you to the death if he thinks he's right, even if he's wrong.  He's so stinkin' witty, he definitely gets that from the Downing side of the family.  There's never a dull moment in our house, that's for sure. He's a mama's boy.  He loves his daddy and loves guy nights but he thinks the sun rises and sets on his mommy.  I love it!  His relationship with God has really matured this year.  He prays a lot, is constantly reading his bible and loves to sing along with KLove radio.  He's an amazing little boy and I can't wait to see where this next year takes us.  :)