Baby Update!

Okay, there were a few of you that fell for our little trick we pulled two months ago about adding a new family member to our home and you SO thought it was a baby.  You can read that post here.  Sorry!  It was but this one has four legs and pees everytime she gets excited.

Well, something changed almost days after that post.  After saying we were just going to keep her sister here until we found her a local home, we made the decision to keep her as well.  So we now have two puppies, which means double the cuteness but also double the training!

Their names are Makena and Haley.  Makena was named after a spot we visited in Maui, HI back in 2007.  All of our dogs have a name that means something to us as a family and are mostly Hawaiian or Surf related.  Haley was our oddball name.  We were thinking outside of our usual box and we picked her name from our favorite show, One Tree Hill.  Haley was Tutor Girl, the sweet one.  Haley the puppy has lived up to her name, she's so sweet and very smart.  Makena is more crazy and wants all the attention in the world, which we love, where Haley will sit back and give Makena the extra cuddle time.

They're 5 months old and officially potty trained, yes it took us a while and yes it was quite the ordeal!  But, they're such good girls and we're so happy to have them as a part of our family.

Here's a couple shots I got of them a few weeks ago.  They love each other and anything pink or animal print.  Total DIVAS!!

Makena girl, her ears can't decide if they want to stand up or be floppy!
Yea, they love eachother {Left: Makena, Right: Haley}
Haley is so silly, she sits like a person on her butt.  Love her!