I bet you didn't know...

Here's another secret about me, I love TRIVIA!  So, when I found some circus trivia, I had to share with my loyal readers!  Try asking some of these trivia questions to your kids, family members, friends and associates.  I'm sure they will be stumped and amazed by the answers!  Also, don't forget you can still enter our awesome giveaway.  Details at the bottom of this post :)

1) What four virtues are required to summon a dragon to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus? 

Answer: Strength, Courage, Wisdom and Heart.

2) How far away can a lion’s roar be heard? 

Answer: 5 miles away
3) What Ringling Bros.® animal has 4 teeth each weighing the same as a nine-pound bowling ball? 

Answer: Asian Elephant. 

4) Shaolin Warriors performing in Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS practice how many hours a day? 

Answer: 7 hours a day.

5) How many bags of popcorn are consumed in each city that Ringling Bros. visits? 

Answer: Over 1,000 pounds of popcorn.

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