We shed a few tears tonight...

As a mom, there are momentous occasions in your child's life that you look forward to, and you prepare for before they're even here.  Tonight was one of those occasions.

After dinner, Jayden and I were cuddled up on the couch talking about his day when I decided to play dentist and play with his wiggly tooth a bit.  He squirmed, he protested and I assured him it would only hurt for a minute and then it would be out and would be over!  He was not having it.  He was clenching his mouth shut and screaming like I was severing a limb.

Oh, I know what you're thinking, she's real compassionate, that poor kid.  No, this "poor kid" has been complaining for a year now about how, "all the kids at my school have lost at least one tooth, if not more.  I want to lose a tooth."  And if you've been in the boat, it's not an easy one to row, especially when kids younger than him keep popping up to show off their adorable gaps.

Finally he said I could wiggle it as long as I stopped everytime he asked.  And I did.  This went on for about 5 mins and I had it laying completely flat on his gumline, it was barely hanging on.  One twist and pop!  out it came.  He was so estatic.  You plan this moment in your head, down to the glittery dollars you saw on pinterest (crap!  I don't have glitter!) and nothing comes close to that sweet moment of pure excitement, accomplishment and more.  I cried, he cried and we both admitted they were happy tears.

We called daddy first and sent him a picture since he's in Alabama and then we skyped with Grandma.  I am so proud of him, I know it hurt, but he's so stinkin happy, it's the cutest thing in the whole world!

Now, off to scrimp up some change because all mommy has is three 20's and tooth fairy is hurting just like the rest of us... ;)


  1. Love this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE! So sweet, I know I will cry one day soon too. Hopefully not TOO soon.


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