Gutzy Gear party!

I was able to get Jayden's closest friends that were starting school or going back to school this year for a Gutzy Gear Party!  I was provided with fun games, and of course plenty of Gutzy Gear to share with our friends!

So what exactly is Gutzy Gear?  They are backpack straps and velcro backed patches that “stick” to the straps. They come in so many different adorable designs for both boys and girls!  There's over 100 different designs, so it's easy to let your child personalize it to their style! 

Each strap set comes with one strap that has a smiley face patch on it already and one strap that is totally blank. Patches come in sets of 2 and you can fit 3-5 patches per strap. Worried that over time these will just fall off or someone can just snag them from your kid?  I was really impressed with the strength of the velcro!  It's ON there! 

This is such a great product for kids to share and swap with friends.  And it makes any boring backpack look WAY cooler!

At our party we played lots of games, including BINGO and each time someone won they got first dibs on choosing their Gutzies!

And here's a shot from my son's first day of school, rocking his Gutzy Gear:

We had such a great time, thanks Gutzy Gear!