We Celebrated: National Donut Day!

I told you all about how Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts for National Donut Day but what I didn't tell you is how my 6 year old son has never had one.

It's a running joke with my group of friends that I deprive my son of the "good stuff". I try to teach my son good eating habits, how to pick the healthiest thing to eat, etc. And buying a box of donuts never ever has crossed my mind. I look at donuts as desserts and definitely not something I'd give him to start his day for breakfast.

So anyways, I figured since it was a national holiday and all, I would take my big boy to Krispy Kreme for his first donut experience.

I'd like to say he never wants to go back, but I'd be lying. He was in heaven and I even split mine with him so he got one whole donut to himself and another half!