Confession Time

Hi, I'm Kristen, and I have a confession to make, I'm a hoarder.  As much as I hate to admit it, I totally am.  I'm not like, dead cats in the walls of my crap, crazy hoarder.  But I am the, barely have space for all the crap I won't let go, kind of hoarder.

It started when I was a young teenager.  I used to collect the sticky labels on the top of CD's, you know the ones with the artist and the album name.  Yep, totally collected those little pieces of garbage, 100's of them.  I for some reason needed proof of the albums I had bought, as if the album themselves weren't proof enough.  Then I had boyfriend boxes, it's funny to think about now.  But each boyfriend had a shoebox full of ticket stubs, receipts from dinners, locks of their hair (no, just kidding!).  I finally threw them all away when I was about to turn 20 and realized Brandon was my one and only :).

As I am cleaning the house today I realized how much crap I hold onto.  It's pretty stupid. I'd take a picture for you to see, but I'm pretty embarrassed.  Some examples of my hoarding: I have over 50 reusable tote bags for grocery's, no one needs that many, I just love them and collect them.  So weird.  I have a hard time letting go of Jayden's school work/art, I have a file box that I put most of it in but the pieces that don't fit are taking over my kitchen right now.  In our bedroom I have a crazy collection of VHS tape cases, because I'm afraid that one day when I finally sit down and go through all those tapes I will need the cases, because people still use those (insert eye roll here).

Jayden's room is kind of out of control and I plan on letting this hoarding crap skip a generation.  So today, I will be turning on my OCD crazy organizing hat.  His room is my new project, we're trying to make it more "grown up".  I will post pictures later of his new revamped room soon!

Well, there it is, my confession of the week.  I think putting it out in the world makes me more accountable.  Now I'm off to clean like a crazy person.


  1. Don't throw out his artwork!

    1. Oh believe me, I don't. That's the problem! I do have to pick and choose though. When he brings home 10 pictures of The Lorax... lol! I saw a cute idea where I can scan it and make a photo book out of it. I may try that.


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