Can you keep a secret?

Today I am linking up with Lena at Mom2MemphisandRuby and sharing a dirty little secret. The last Saturday of the month you can link up and share some of your secrets!

There's a lot of things the blogosphere doesn't know about me, a lot most of my friends don't know about me.  But there's plenty of time later to get into the deep posts about my life.

Today, I would like to share a dirty little secret of mine.

Today, I am hiding out at Panera Bread in my area with my laptop, coffee and a yummy slice of cinnamon crumb cake.  Oh I know what you're thinking, ooh big whoop.  But seriously.  This a HUGE deal.  I'm a full time mom, part time nanny, part time photographer, local moms group organizer and blogger.  I never have a day where I have zero planned.  So when I get the chance I run away, lol.

I rarely get time to myself these days, but when I do, I treat myself.  Here at Panera no one knows me as any of the many hats I wear.  No ones screaming my name from another room, no ones texting me (well, they are, I just have it on silent), no one needs to be fed or played with and there's no emails to be read.  At Panera, I can be whoever I want, today.  For all they know, I'm some important business woman working on typing up last minute reports.  Hahaha, little do they know I'm reading my favorite mommy blogs and catching up on celebrity gossip.

So there it is, pretty dirty secret, right?  Every now and then, I runaway to a local bakery/coffee shop and have ME time, and it's pretty darn sweet.