I'm THAT mom.

I used to be a teacher and I met many types of parents through the years. I met the parent that looked at me as a babysitter, gave me zero respect and would drop their children off and just leave, I've met the parent that was so overprotective they practically dropped their child off in a bubble. Then I also met the parents that wanted to be involved but with the teachers lead, loved their kids and would drop anything to help out, think of fun things to do, etc. I always wondered what type of mom I would be. If I'd annoy my child's teacher by wanting to do too much, or being too passive to help at all.

Here I am, a mom to a Kindergartner, ugh, it's still hard to say that and believe it. I chaperone field trips, I volunteer to work on take home folders, organize classroom parties and read to his class. I feel like I'm that happy medium, I respect his teachers a ton and would never dream of stepping on their toes. It may be the years of teaching experience I have that has made me a better classroom parent, actually, it is the reason.

I can admit, I miss teaching, I miss it a lot. I even have a few boards on Pinterest that are dedicated to amazing classroom/teaching ideas. My favorite years, before my son, we're spent teaching. I had such a great time, amazing supportive parents and fun students! The politics are what turned me off from teaching, that and having to put my son in daycare :-/, don't even get me started on my daycare rant. Maybe one day I'll return to teaching, never say never!

But as of now, I'm THAT mom. The mom that loves her kid, wants to volunteer, chaperone, throw parties and playdates. The mom that constantly talks about her child, brags about him, and posts hundreds of photos of him. I'm still surprised that I am THAT mom. Honestly, I plan on being involved as long as he will allow me, until it's uncool to have your mom come to school.