Mother/Son Date Knight

Aren't you already excited just by the title?!

Our local Chick Fil A posted a month or so ago that they were going to host a Mother/Son date night and I jumped at the opportunity! We had 5:30 reservations, so Jay would have time to enjoy our date and still be in bed at a descent time for school the next day.

Jayden took this very seriously, so I did too and treated it like a real date. We both got dressed up in our Sunday best, I did my hair and makeup (rarity these days) and even put on perfume! He insisted on holding the door for me to leave the house, open my car door and shut it and the same at the restaurant. Such a gentleman!

You should have seen the set up! It was beyond adorable. We had a reserved booth, we checked in with Mrs. Jody just like a real restaurant and were seated. The tables were covered in a red tablecloth, fake rose petals and there was a small candle in the middle. We had laminated menu's for dinner and one for dessert and white butcher paper to draw on. They even had a keyboard player and an amazing Christian singer. It was such a fun little time for me and my little man. We played tic tac toe, asked eachother silly questions, and just talked about his day at school. Then we shared dessert, a yummy brownie a la mode, he even insisted I eat the last bite. It wasn't until the bill came that Jayden realized this wasn't a REAL date. He politely leaned in and whispered, "but I don't have any money, and a real gentleman pays for his date's dinner." I kindly slipped him a $20 and he held it tight until the waitress returned. Yes, he knows how a gentleman is supposed to act. I feel like it's my job as a mom to teach him how to treat a woman, a job most moms slack on, lol.

I'm so thankful to live in a community where they have fun events like this for me and Jayden. It was such a special night and I'm sure we'll never forget it.


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