Isn't he charming?

Jayden's had a yucky cough in the morning and around bedtime for about 10 days, so yesterday I made him an appointment for today to have a check up.

We got there at 9 am and had to wait over 30 mins, but Jayden made a friend. He was almost 6 years old, just like him and his name was Jayden, just like him. That totally tripped him out! LOL.

We go to Huntersville Northcross Family Physicians and he sees Dr. Hodges, we love him! We had a student doctor check him out first and Jayden spent time showing off his medical vocabulary, telling her, "that's a stethoscope and you're listening to my lungs that hide behind my ribs." She couldn't stop laughing at his wittiness and large vocabulary. Finally Dr. Hodges came in, looked at the student doctor and said, "Isn't he charming? He's a smart kid, isn't he? Quite the vocabulary for a little guy." I can't help but laugh, my kid IS extremely charming and witty he could charm anyone to do anything, except me of course.

After checking him out he lets me know he has early bronchitis and is no longer contagious. Poor guy, he has crackling in his lungs :(. They also set him up with an appointment to have a sleep study done, he's been sleep walking for over 18 months, so we'll be doing that in a couple months or so.

Everywhere we go my child makes friends, or "fans" as we call them. Random people will come up to us at the grocery store and know his name from bible school over the summer and tell us a funny story about something he did. He's a great kid, there's never a dull moment in our house, and it's good to know he's so darn loveable! I'm proud to be his mom, to one of the most charismatic children I have ever met.