I'm so awesome!

Jayden and I have been working on reading for quite sometime. It's been something he's shown interest in since a baby, he'd much rather sit in my lap and listen to me read to him than play with toys. And even at 2 years old he'd read certain books to me, from memory.

The past month or so his weekly homework has been to read 10-20 min a night, and he's been adamant on reading to me half the time, and me read to him the other half. He's been reading easy readers level 1 & 2, BOB books, and "I can read God's word".

Proud isn't even the word to describe how I feel, it doesn't even feel big enough. Jayden's always excelled at everything he does, there's never been something he couldn't accomplish or push himself to do, and I love that about him.

Tonight as I was laying in bed and he read not one, not two, but THREE books back to back to me, I couldn't help but tear up. He's amazing. He'll be in the middle of reading and will stop and say, "oooh, that's a sight word, that's a popcorn word, and I didn't even need flashcards to know them".

I love what reading has done to his confidence. After he finished the last book tonight he looked at me and said, "I'm so awesome mommy!" Yes, Jayden, you are SO awesome, and mommy couldn't be prouder.

Jayden at 2.5 years old writing his letters on the computer.


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  2. Awesome job Jayden!

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