The end of an era...

Today we met our local moms group, North Charlotte Moms Connect, for a fun morning at the Birkdale splashpads and we got to talking about our beloved Border's bookstore closing. This is really sad to us because this is a fun trip that me and Jayden both make. I love his passion for books and reading, he's had it since he was a baby when he'd crawl up in my lap with a stack of board books instead of playing with his assortment of toys. I love to read, so seeing that passion in him made me giddy! So once he was old enough we'd make bi-weekly trips to local bookstores and get a couple new books (a habit daddy wishes we'd break lol!).

Anyways, long story short, Borders was our closest bookstore and us moms went by today to see some of the deals on books and mommy walked out with tears in her eyes. To see honored/awarded books on shelves with 50% off sprawled across them, or everything must go signs, just made my heart sink. My baby is going to grow up in a world without bookstores. He wont be able to sit in a big comfy chair with a warm latte in his hand and curl up reading an amazing novel, feeling the pages in his hands or the crinkle of the cover when it opens. Instead he'll be reading it digitally in a small contraption small enough to fit in his back pocket that will probably hold over 500 books.

Being a teacher once in my life this disturbs me in so many ways, and yes, mommy walked out of the book store with two bags full of books and tears in her eyes. I'm fighting this one, my baby will own some of the greatest stories ever told and they will be in his hands and not in some digital reader. Even if there will be no bookstores in existence once he's old enough.