The Power of STICKERS!!

With the events of the mean little four year old showing his ugly head we have really been trying to figure out a new way of doing things. Then suddenly Thursday night a light bulb went off in my head! We have started a new way of discipline at my house. STICKERS.

We went to Target Friday (me and Jay) and picked up the biggest piece of poster board and tons of stickers. And as soon as we got home we started the new system!

The system is easy, we have thousands of stickers and a poster board, every time he does something good (use manners, listens the first time, helps pick up around the house, etc) he gets a sticker or two to place on his board. Then once it's completely full (which should take a while) he can go to Target and pick out one toy $15 or under.

It's really working! We haven't had to use any other form of discipline since! He's been really proud of his board and has told everyone about it. And if he does start to act up we threaten to take a sticker off and he flips and corrects his behavior immediately.

I'm so proud of him, he's being the sweet boy I knew was still in there somewhere! It's amazing how much power a pile of stickers can hold ;).


  1. Great idea! I have an almost 4 year old boy too, might be headed to Target!
    Following now from MBC.


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