Our baby is reading!!

Me and Jay have been joining a local mommy group on a "stroller walk" once a week, that consists of all wrangling up our kiddos into strollers and getting exercise/adult conversation by pushing them around a few laps at our local mall. Northlake Mall to be exact. Well. Long story short, we meet outside of Borders entrance. Jay and I love to go into Borders after our walks and go to the kids section and read books. Well this past Tuesday I found the easy readers section and pondered to myself, "Is my baby ready to read?"

Well, I went back today and grabbed an easy reader titled, "Biscuit". And then proceeded to tell Jayden that once he learned to read this book we would come back and buy another one of his choice. And his level 1 readers range from "Dr. Seuss" to "Disney Cars" so he was excited to learn how to read this book!

So excited, that he went into his room immediately once we were home and laid down in his "book nook" mommy made for him and sounded out word after word until he ran into the living room ready for bed and told me he was going to read his bedtime story tonight. Needless to say, I was pumped! So on he went, and I was so proud of our guy, it wasn't perfect but hey it was so close, I was just amazed. I've always believed my baby was smart, maybe a level above other kids his age, but his zest for learning amazes me, he REALLY loves to learn and that makes my heart smile.

So here's a video of Jay reading Biscuit to me tonight :)